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Unleashing the power of the cloud, AI and data analytics: The secret sauce for strategic success

July 10, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Relentless demands in the business landscape, including industry changes, cost pressures, client preference shifts and competitive threats, have accelerated the drive for technology advancement. In charting the path for business transformation, the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) – including generative AI […]

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Cloud Economics – Leveraging Business Value Through Cloud

September 7, 2022

Via: CIO

Today, the metric for success of cloud native services is measured by cost efficiency, business agility, and the speed of business transformation. Cloud has become more than a technology transformation driver; it is now recognized as a business transformation accelerator. […]

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How CIOs can align enterprise change with cloud strategy

February 7, 2022

Via: CIO Dive

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will surely get you there. “Alice in Wonderland” taught us that, with the Cheshire Cat providing such elegant wisdom in Alice’s moment of despair. CIOs are well aware that enterprise journeys […]

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The connection between automation and obsession

June 7, 2018

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

If you’ve been reading analyst reports lately, you may have noticed that the discussion around business transformation is becoming more urgent. For example, we used to talk about “customer-focused” organizations, which gave way to those that are “customer-centric,” and today, […]

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SDN on the rise and cloud still not understood

March 23, 2017

Via: Business Cloud News

Research from Viavi Solutions has indicated SDN technologies are on the rise within enterprise organizations, but there also might be a number of organizations who are implementing the cloud for the wrong reasons. In its ninth annual State of the […]

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Cloud BPM and the anarchy of innovation

April 21, 2016

Via: CompareTheCloud

Anarchy, on the other hand, is generally associated with destruction, and conjures up images of insurrection, disorder, chaos, and mayhem. So what do I mean by “the anarchy of innovation”? The reality is that innovation means change.  Introducing innovation – […]