Service Models

What Is the Kubernetes Ingress Controller?

May 18, 2023

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Kubernetes Ingress Controller is a component within a Kubernetes cluster that manages the routing of external traffic to the appropriate services running inside the cluster. Ingress is an API object that defines how to route external HTTP and HTTPS traffic […]

Global Cloud

Google Cloud blocks largest HTTPS DDoS attack ever

August 18, 2022

Via: CSO Online

Google Cloud has claimed to have blocked the largest Layer 7 (HTTPS) DDoS attack to date after a Cloud Armor customer was targeted by a series of attacks that peaked at 46 million requests per second (rps). Google stated the […]

Cloud Security

Denonia Malware Shows Evolving Cloud Threats

April 21, 2022

Via: Data Center Knowledge

One of the more important points to get across when addressing cloud security is to make it clear to all involved that cloud security is not only different, but that it keeps evolving. If security professionals needed a reminder of […]