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Take control of your Oracle unlimited licensing agreement

October 6, 2023

Via: CIO

Have you ever met an Oracle customer who happily pays the company’s fees for software support? Neither have we. But too few really understand how beneficial—and painless—breaking up with Oracle Database support can be. Databases require a great deal of […]

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The open source licensing war is over

July 31, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The open source war is over, however much some want to continue soldiering on. Recently Meta (Facebook) released Llama 2, a powerful large language model (LLM) with more than 70 billion parameters. In the past, Meta had restricted use of […]

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Are Enterprise Software Agreements a Critical Foundation for SaaS Adoption Success?

March 7, 2016

Via: Gartner Blog Network

As application software publishers progressively transition their business models to SaaS subscriptions, conventional licensing programmes and contracts remain a key mechanism for clients to agree commercials and commitments beyond a single year. Rather than being put out to pasture EA, ELA, ETLA and […]