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Cloud Certifications: A Differentiating Factor in the Tech Industry

October 24, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

Cloud computing technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the depth of product offerings across vendors continues to grow with it. Increased internet access, reduced costs, new technology and a pandemic-driven digitization of many services have accelerated the adoption […]

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Cloud computing: Five key business trends to look out for

December 24, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Cloud computing established itself in 2018 as an essential platform for many businesses looking to build innovative services. However, there’s still progress to be made before the operating systems on the cloud can truly be seen as a business-as-normal activity. […]

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IBM Research creates technique to control magnetism of single copper atom

November 5, 2018

Via: ZDnet

IBM Research has developed a new technique to control the magnetism of a single copper atom’s nucleus via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, or NMR. NMR is the process behind the more familiar magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI. NMR is also a […]

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Cloud computing just had another kick-ass quarter

July 30, 2018

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

If you’ve been around the tech industry long enough, recent market events held an eerie familiarity. When Facebook badly missed its numbers for the quarter ended June 30, 2018, the company’s stock took an unprecedented pummeling, losing 20 percent of […]