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Cloud-based AI: The game-changer not to fret about

The White House is hosting a conference on the future of artificial intelligence. Executives from 38 companies, including Intel, Oracle, Ford, Boeing, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Accenture, will attend the daylong summit.

Why is it happening now? AI is poised to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020, while eliminating another 1.8 million jobs, according to Gartner. Topics of discussion are said to include how industries like health care and transportation can best use AI, as well as how to fund research in the field. And most scary on the agenda: strategies to formulate federal policies and regulations.

AI will change the world, but not as fast as people fear

Cloud computing is the catalyst. AI would not be affordable if you could not buy AI by the hour from cloud providers such as Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft.

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