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IBM To Offer z/OS App Development and Testing in Its Public Cloud

February 14, 2022

Via: Data Center Knowledge

IBM is planning to offer its experimental cloud-based mainframe application development and testing platform as a commercial service. Called Wazi as-a-Service (Wazi aaS), it delivers z/OS-based virtual server instances using IBM Cloud’s logically isolated Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure. IBM says […]

Global Cloud

Why your team should build cloud-native apps

September 9, 2021

Via: TechRadar

A recent report by Red Hat and CCS Insight found that 85% of EMEA developers have automated their app deployment process to some degree. This trend is not so surprising, given that speedy and scalable app development is a priority […]

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Which comes first: Multi-cloud management maturity or IT excellence?

December 10, 2018

Via: CIO

You’ve heard the popular causality problem, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” The dilemma comes from the fact that all chickens hatch from eggs, while all chicken eggs are laid by chickens. After reading the recent ESG Research […]