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BigID adds access governance targeted at sensitive data and privileges

February 15, 2024


Cloud data security and compliance provider, BigID, has announced adding an access governance capability to its existing offerings to help hunt down exposed sensitive data and overprivileged user accounts.

The capability is targeted at helping organizations improve security posture, mitigate insider risk, achieve zero trust security, and accelerate AI compliance, according to the company.

“What’s new and exciting about BigID’s access governance capability is its ability to provide an additional layer of visibility to identify where sensitive data lives across a customer’s entire environment, from on-prem to the cloud,” said Tyler Young, CISO at BigiD. “Customers can get visibility to overexposed sensitive data, or data shared externally. This can be done across all types of data, including unstructured AI data as well as structured analytics data, which can be highly sensitive and valuable.”

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