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SIFI removes barriers to international growth with SAP and IBM Cloud

September 20, 2018

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Ophthalmology is a highly specialized area of healthcare and a challenging sector. Creating pharmaceuticals and medical devices requires significant investment, especially for organizations that want to manufacture and sell innovative products internationally. Different countries each have their own rigorous quality […]

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Dell EMC to Offer SMBs Next-Gen Storage Arrays

September 12, 2018

Via: Talkin' Cloud

Dell EMC on Wednesday rolled out new PowerVault ME4 Series storage arrays that take aim at the small and medium-size business (SMB) market. The new entry-level storage products boast enterprise features, quick installation and easy management, the vendor said. Faced […]

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Meeting changing demand in a commodity market with IBM Cloud

September 11, 2018

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For manufacturers in a commodity market, the ability to gain share, grow and stay competitive can be a challenge. That’s why any increase in efficiency makes a difference. Fábrica de Papel San Francisco, a Mexican producer and distributor of tissue […]

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Cloud Storage Overtakes Disk in Enterprise Spending

August 31, 2018

Via: Nasuni

We’ve finally passed the inflection point. Funds budgeted for cloud storage edged out hard disk drive expenditures for the first time, according to the Storage Trends 2018 survey by Enterprise Storage Forum. This isn’t an accident. As this summary of […]

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New IDC Survey Finds That Less Than 40% of Cloud Service Providers Plan to Have the Same Business Model By 2020

August 29, 2018

Via: Cloud Tweaks

A new IDC survey reveals that cloud service demand due to Digital Transformation is changing the delivery of business-oriented solutions, with service providers ramping up their investments in new offerings to cater for their client’s requirements not just for new […]

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Transforming manufacturing with artificial intelligence

August 22, 2018

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a field for academic researchers; machine learning and deep learning are becoming mainstream technologies that any organization can harness. This could have dramatic implications for many industries, including manufacturing. The impact of AI […]

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Apoteca Natura teams with IBM to help users monitor health from anywhere

August 13, 2018

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Staying on top of your health is often easier said than done. There are so many things to monitor and remember. Are you getting enough exercise and sleep? Are you drinking enough water? When do you need to take your […]

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Oracle Lodges Formal Protest Over Pentagon Cloud Contract

August 8, 2018

Via: CRN

Oracle has long been steaming about the Pentagon’s looming multi-billion-dollar cloud computing contract, and weeks into the bidding process the company has filed a formal complaint with the federal government. The software giant is challenging the winner-take-all nature of JEDI, […]

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How health care should take advantage of the cloud

August 7, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

The cloud has come to the health care sector, and it’s having an impact by saving some money. However, that’s not the real value of cloud computing for this sector, a sector that affects us personally at some point in […]

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Comtelsat helps politicians keep broadcasts timely with IBM Aspera

August 6, 2018

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Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism concluded that for half a century, traditional television news has been the most widely used, most important and most shared source of news in most countries. That is not going to change overnight, […]