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Aparavi Unveils Data Archival Platform Working Across Cloud Providers, Hybrid IT Environments

May 15, 2018

Via: CRN

Cloud newcomer Aparavi is giving business customers greater mobility between their disparate cloud vendors and premises-based environments. Now, Aparavi is supporting more cloud platforms and is rolling out more features for the archival of unstructured data. The channel-friendly startup on […]

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The Economics, Concepts and Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

April 10, 2018

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Enthusiasm for cloud computing has as much to do with economics as technology. Growth in the number of applications and the volume of data that must be managed have made datacenters a major item of corporate expense. Figuring out the […]

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Cisco says almost all workloads will be cloud based within 3 years

February 7, 2018

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

In its latest Cisco Global Cloud Index (2016-2021), the networking giant predicts that by 2021, 94 percent of all workloads will run in some form of cloud environment and that dedicated servers will be a distinct minority. That 94 percent […]

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Don’t worry about selecting the ‘wrong’ public cloud

February 2, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

When I speak in public about cloud architecture, I’m often asked a question with no right answer: “Which public cloud should we use?” Not knowing much about what “we” is, there is no right answer. While I can list the […]

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IT budgets remain tight due to cloud migration

January 31, 2018

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

For the third straight year, IT organizations are keeping tight control over their IT budgets, but not because of economic uncertainty. Instead, the hesitancy to spend is because of the transition to the cloud. That’s the findings from IT market […]

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Admin automation: the serverless low-hanging fruit

January 11, 2018

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

If we could go back in time and start using public cloud in 2009, we’d probably be better off today. The AWS beta started in 2006 and was entirely API-driven, without either a console or a command line interface to […]

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The Value of Extending IT Infrastructure to the Public Cloud

December 6, 2017

Via: Talkin' Cloud

Companies are working to transform themselves digitally, and there is perhaps no more important driver than the cloud. However, as more and more companies are discovering, there’s no single path when it comes to moving to the cloud. Rather, an […]

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Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

November 6, 2017

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

My article “Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud” has gotten many people seeing red, and I can understand why. Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. The intellectual […]

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Migrating to Public Clouds – On the increase for Enterprises!

September 5, 2017

Via: CompareTheCloud

We all think it’s too easy to migrate that key Virtual Machine instance to public clouds with the multitude of tools available today which makes us complacent with the perceived ease of Cloud Computing. However, in reality, moving that key […]

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Cloudification – Budgets are Shifting Toward a “Cloud-first” and “Cloud-only” Approach

August 30, 2017

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Gartner has recently predicted that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today. CIOs will increasingly leverage a multitude of cloud computing providers across the entire IT stack to enable a huge […]