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The cloud is benefiting IT, but not business

April 12, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

“The cloud has tremendous business value!” That’s the battle cry chanted by cloud providers and their allies at every cloud computing conference. You will never hear me say that “the cloud” is always the right solution or, for that matter, […]

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LG squares up with Samsung in red-hot B2B commercial display market — announces Business Cloud CMS for digital signage and LFDs

February 7, 2024

Via: TechRadar

Following its recent move into smart factories, LG has cemented its plans to further expand into the B2B market, taking on South Korean rival Samsung in the intensely competitive business commercial display arena. LG CEO William Cho stated at CES […]

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Are You Using a Cloud Experience to Boost Business Value?

May 8, 2023

Via: CIO

Like most CIOs you’ve no doubt leaned on ROI, TCO and KPIs to measure the business value of your IT investments. Maybe you’ve even surpassed expectations in each of these yardsticks. Those Three Big Acronyms are still important for fine-tuning […]

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Managing business cloud costs is more challenging than ever

March 13, 2023

Via: TechRadar

Enterprise cloud investments are on the rise despite growing anxieties about their cost, according to a survey from cloud optimization company Flexera. Its 2023 ‘State of the Cloud’ report(opens in new tab), published in March, notes that cutting cloud costs […]

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Big clouds aren’t always the right fit for small businesses

August 9, 2022

Via: Computerworld

Usually, when it comes to a business cloud decision, you’re going to go with one of the big players: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Services, IBM Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. You know their names. But the bigger clouds aren’t […]

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Harnessing the business cloud

June 26, 2019

Via: CompareTheCloud

There are several key drivers for the shift to SaaS and IaaS services with increased business agility often at the top of the list for enterprises. The traditional IT model of connecting users to applications through a centralised data centre […]

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Enterprises get to work in the cloud

April 11, 2017

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Enterprises are finding all sorts of reasons to moved their data and business processes to the cloud. Capital One Financial Corp., for instance, is using the cloud as it advances from a financial services provider to a tech company with […]

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Want to be a Business Cloud Ninja?

September 20, 2016

Via: CompareTheCloud

One of the key reasons why businesses were initially put off by cloud services was concern over security. And whilst many damning headlines have trumpeted the dangers from hackers and data leaks over the past decade, the truth is more […]

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Salesforce Enjoys Record Quarter, Plots Growth With New AWS Relationship, Improved Cloud Business

May 19, 2016

Via: CRN

Software developer Salesforce is on track to become one of the few software companies to break the $10 billion revenue mark after enjoying its best-ever first fiscal quarter, company officials told financial analysts Wednesday. Strong execution across all elements of […]