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5 Reasons Why SMBs Should be America’s Cloud Role Models

September 26, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

The pandemic accelerated the digitalization of day-to-day business operations, ushering in a new era of tech-dependence, particularly around cloud migration. Now, companies of all sizes are racing to update their infrastructure, data, and critical applications to the cloud. With spending […]

Deployment Models, Hybrid Cloud

The Intersection of Colocation and Hybrid Cloud Remains in Flux

August 12, 2021

Via: Data Center Knowledge

How can colocation providers remain competitive in a world where businesses increasingly expect the ability to integrate colocated infrastructure into hybrid cloud architectures? The answer, it turns out, varies widely from provider to provider. As we learned in a series […]

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When selecting a cloud vendor, developer preference matters

August 4, 2021

Via: CIO Dive

Businesses selecting a cloud vendor to power their infrastructure weigh a number of factors before signing on. Developer preference may not immediately come to mind — but it could influence the value businesses can get out of the platform. More […]

Cloud Security

The Cybersecurity Minefield of Cloud Entitlements

August 2, 2021

Via: InformationWeek

Almost as quickly as we experienced the pivot to work-from-home and to move-to-the-cloud to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic, we also saw what felt like a pick up in significant cyberattacks, from the Solarwinds supply chain attack to […]

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AWS Cryptojacking Worm Spreads Through the Cloud

August 18, 2020

Via: Threat Post

A cryptomining worm from the group known as TeamTNT is spreading through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and collecting credentials. Once the logins are harvested, the malware logs in and deploys the XMRig mining tool to mine Monero cryptocurrency. […]

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Guide to industry cloud: What businesses need to know

August 1, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Cloud computing has enabled organizations of all sizes to scale computing resources to meet their workloads, remove the need for building and maintaining data centers, slow CapEx planning processes, and eliminate the costs of powering servers with unutilized capacity due […]

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Cloud Collaboration: When Will Remote Work Meet Virtual Reality?

February 14, 2018

Via: Cloud Tweaks

The benefits of remote work and cloud collaboration make it hard for businesses and employees to pass up. For the business, it’s a perk that can draw prospects. Plus, businesses with remote teams can save a lot of money. For […]

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7 cloud issues turning on the heat for organizations

April 18, 2016

Via: Andy Melman

The most frequent ongoing cloud issues relate to cloud security, the occurring or possible events, and the risks that determine the organizations to show reticence in migrating to the cloud and relinquishing the on-premises control over their data. Although some […]

Cloud Clients

Time Warner Pitches Direct Cloud Connectivity via Equinix Data Centers

January 15, 2016

Via: Data Center Knowledge

Time Warner Cable Business Class is offering connectivity to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, according to an announcement by the Time Warner Cable division this week. The Equinix Cloud Exchange allows businesses to connect to several cloud service providers including AWS, […]