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3 meta career paths for cloud computing

August 25, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

I do a lot of informal mentoring with people looking to get into cloud computing or who are already in and are looking to improve their income, education, or professional satisfaction—all good objectives. There are three “meta career paths” that […]

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Why retail CIOs are trending up in the C-Suite

May 9, 2022

Via: CIO

Getting fired from her CIO job nearly 20 years ago wasn’t just a career turning point for Cathy Hotka. “It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” says the founder of Cathy Hotka & Associates, which today runs […]

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Build a cloud culture to attract and keep skilled people

November 23, 2021

Via: Info World

According to this recent report from Skillsoft, the expanding skills gap will continue to create the most issues during this time of rapid technological change, combined with the intense pressure on IT teams to deliver innovative solutions. The Skillsoft report […]

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Shadow IT is actually great for your cloud strategy

March 30, 2017

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

In a survey, cloud security broker vendor CipherCloud found that 86 percent of cloud applications used at workplaces are unsanctioned. That’s a pretty big percentage. Obviously, the security vendors have an incentive to raise such fears about shadow IT, so […]

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How startups can attract and retain cloud talent

March 16, 2017

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Today, it’s rare to encounter a company that doesn’t use the cloud. According to a recent RightScale report, 93% of organizations surveyed are running applications in the cloud or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service, and 82% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy, […]

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Microsoft introduces free resources to help IT pros get started and build their careers in the cloud

April 21, 2016

Via: Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Blog

Over the last 20 years there have been many technology transitions led by IT professionals. With each technology transition, the role of IT professionals changes. We are in the middle of the cloud technology transition and IT professionals are not […]