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Cloud and AI apps take center stage in .NET 9

February 22, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

Just three months into the tenure of .NET 8, it’s already time for Microsoft and the .NET Foundation to start laying out their plans for the next release, .NET 9, which is due to arrive in November with .NET Conf. […]

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AWS secures access to cloud apps without using VPNs

May 3, 2023

Via: Network World

Amazon Web Services has launched a service that secures user access to its cloud applications without requiring a VPN. AWS Verified Access, which the company previewed last November, validates every application request using Zero Trust principles before granting access to […]

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Repatriating cloud apps and data? Think it through

April 21, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

My January post on cloud repatriation seems to have struck some nerves. Indeed, I found the reactions a bit polarized when they should not have been. Cloud repatriation is about making unemotional decisions as to where to locate applications and […]

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About a third of you cloud users need to learn resiliency lessons from Ian

September 29, 2022

Via: Network World

Beyond the human cost, natural disasters like hurricane Ian can take a high toll on business continuity, causing enterprise-infrastructure damage that takes days or weeks to fix at a downtime cost in the six figures per hour. If Ian didn’t […]

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Optimize and Accelerate Cloud Apps for Cost Reduction With Intel Workload Optimizer

August 23, 2022

Via: Info World

Presidio is always looking for the latest technologies, whether from established companies or disruptive newcomers, that can help address customer pain points. Take for instance a common challenge for organizations that have migrated to the cloud and now need to […]

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Are you overengineering your cloud apps?

April 3, 2020

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Those of us who owned motorcycles over the years know that a “bone stock” bike won’t be stock for long. It’s common to replace the exhaust system with aftermarket, much louder pipes. Also, the seat is often swapped out for […]

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Review: How Fugue protects cloud assets

January 8, 2020

Via: CSO Online

We have evaluated quite a few cloud security platforms designed to bring the same high level of cybersecurity protections found on physical assets to the more nebulous and constantly-evolving cloud environment. Although they have used various technologies and techniques, the […]

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The role of IT in the cloud era

April 29, 2019

Via: TechRadar

New innovations such as the cloud and increased security risks have changed the role of the IT department drastically over the last few years. Businesses have moved from primarily using traditional applications to web-based and cloud apps which in turn […]

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If your cloud apps don’t have APIs, you’re doing it wrong

April 27, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

If you are building new applications on public cloud platforms, you are faced with a choice: Should you build a set of APIs bound to the new cloud application’s application services? Or should you look for another job? I’m seeing […]

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Docker rolls out an orchestration engine. Because what customers want, customers get

June 21, 2016

Via: Computerworld

Ever since it became obvious that Docker was onto something pretty special, there have been questions about how the company would parlay its rapidly increasing venture-backed valuation into monetization and, by extension, what that would mean for the significant ecosystem […]

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Partners Have Opportunities At The Juncture of Cloud Security And Analytics

June 14, 2016

Via: CRN

Cloud security presents a big opportunity, but analytics capabilities pose an added revenue bonus that solution providers should make sure they don’t miss, security experts said. As more mature customers adopt more cloud solutions, data and cloud metrics are becoming […]

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IBM Launches Environment to Help Developers Embed Big Data into Cloud Apps

June 8, 2016

Via: Talkin' Cloud

Building on its investment in Apache Spark, IBM launched a cloud-based real-time, high performance analytics development environment on Tuesday called the Data Science Experience. The new open and collaborative environment is designed to make it easier and faster for developers […]

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Scaling out cloud apps still a challenge despite multi-core CPU advancements

April 13, 2016

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Despite recent advancements and improved parallelism in multi-core CPU performance, there is still a big challenge to be solved relating to the scale-out of cloud applications. Put simply, Linux application performance scales poorly as CPU core count increases. This is […]

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Microsoft Cloud App Security Hits General Availability

April 8, 2016

Via: Data Center Knowledge

Microsoft is putting itsAdallom acquisition to good use this week as it launches general availability of Microsoft Cloud App Security. According to an announcement on Wednesday, its Microsoft Cloud App Security service helps companies “design and enforce a process for […]