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5 operations every cloud architect should automate

November 28, 2022

Via: Info World

The cloud offers many benefits to a company’s modern application development process. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to automate critical actions that traditionally have required manual steps. Automation is perhaps the single most significant advantage of […]

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Cloud automation startup Spacelift raises $6M Series A led by Blossom Capital

February 11, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

Spacelift, a startup that automates the management of cloud infrastructure, has raised $6 million in a Series A funding round led by London’s Blossom Capital. Polish fund Inovo Venture Partners and Hoxton Ventures are also investing. The Polish and US-based […]

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7 cloud myths debunked

March 27, 2019

Via: CIO

Myths can be fun and entertaining when they involve the exploits of ancient gods and heroes. The amusement stops quickly, however, when a myth hampers IT or enterprise success. So it goes with the stubborn misconceptions that delay or prevent […]