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Cloud-based IT operations are on the rise

May 23, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The people who maintain traditional data center systems have always objected to having IT assets managed by systems outside their firewalls. Years ago, when I predicted that this would happen, people would often laugh and not believe me. The signs […]

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IT Priorities 2023: Significance of cloud investments rises as economic woes bite

May 4, 2023

Via: Computer Weekly

Technology decision-makers across the UK and Ireland are increasingly prioritising spending their budgets on cloud-based IT projects, with half of those respondents to a TechTarget/Computer Weekly poll describing their organisations as operating on a “cloud-first” basis. That’s one of the […]

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DevSecOps report: Cloud IT complexity creates ‘immutable’ security issues

May 19, 2020

Via: ZDnet

A report on DevOps security has found that only 4% of issues found in production are dealt with because of the increased complexity of cloud based IT systems is creating new security gaps. The State of DevSecOps report was commissioned […]