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Cloud architecture must accommodate rapid change

January 25, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

Let’s say there’s a five-year-old midsize biotech company. We’ll call it MidCo, and they specialize in the automated testing of blood and tissue samples. The bottom line boomed during MidCo’s first five years in business. However, new startup competitors produce […]

Cloud Security

Cloud security and architecture teams need to communicate better

September 3, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

In doing postmortems on breaches of applications and data sets in the cloud, problems are often traced back to communication. Frequently, it’s not issues with computer-to-computer communication, but communications with the humans designing the cloud-based systems and those who are […]

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Top cloud security controls you should be using

October 21, 2019

Via: CSO Online

Another day, another data breach — thanks to misconfigured cloud-based systems. This summer’s infamous Capital One breach is the most prominent recent example. The breach resulted from a misconfigured open-source web application firewall (WAF), which the financial services company used […]

Cloud Clients

Create a productive cloudops feedback loop

October 18, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re on a cloudops team is having end users go directly to your leadership to complain about some issue with the cloud-based systems. It could be performance, lack of some […]

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Cloud complexity management is the next big thing

September 14, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Where have you heard that enterprises using cloud are moving to more complexity as well? That’s right, from this guy. The growing cloud computing complexity was recently documented by the Wall Street Journal that cites a survey of 46 CIOs […]