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How A-Core Concrete sets a solid foundation for preemptive security

February 8, 2023

Via: Cloud Tweaks

A special breed of company — even though it has a relatively small number of employees — does very big jobs with those lean and often distributed workforces. A perfect example of such a concentrated and efficient business is A-Core […]

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Which cloud is for you?

September 26, 2022

Via: Info World

Sure, sure. You’re totally “all in” on cloud. You and everyone else, right? Well, no. As we’ve covered multiple times, as hot as cloud is right now, it’s still a teeny, tiny fraction of overall IT spending, no matter what […]

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IDC: Enterprises still moving workloads back from the cloud

June 29, 2022

Via: Network World

An overwhelming majority of enterprises continue to move workloads from the cloud back to on-premises data centers, although it is a smaller percentage than before, according to IDG research. A survey found that 71% of respondents expect to move all […]

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Industry clouds lay foundation for innovation

June 2, 2022

Via: CIO

At Cleveland Clinic, CIO Matthew Kull is seeking to marry two vastly different disciplines: medicine and marketing. He’s succeeding with the help of a new industry cloud that takes care of essential tasks for healthcare providers while enabling Cleveland Clinic […]

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Why many enterprises waste money in the cloud

March 15, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

IT has a long history of problems with budgets and money. Budget overruns for IT projects are more the rule than the exception. Typically, there are a few core culprits. First, many in IT, including myself until about 20 years […]

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JumpCloud raises $159M on $2.56B valuation for cloud directory tool

September 13, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

JumpCloud, the late-stage startup that is modernizing the notion of corporate directories in a cloud context, announced a $159 million Series F investment on a healthy $2.56 billion valuation today. Sapphire Ventures led the round with new investors participating including […]

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Adobe Experience Cloud Improves Patient Experiences in Healthcare

August 10, 2021

Via: CIO

The healthcare sector, as well as the entire life sciences industry, is increasing its focus on the patient experience. Healthcare organizations see this as a way to improve outcomes, but they also are responding to the expectations consumers now have […]

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Defining ‘value’ with cloud architecture

May 18, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

During the pandemic, I started learning how to rebuild and repair bicycles since there was a cycle shortage and buying new was limited and costly. With gyms closed, I began to fix bikes for friends and family to get them […]

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Making the Business Case for Edge Computing

March 29, 2021

Via: InformationWeek

It wasn’t that long ago when edge computing was considered a futuristic, forward-looking concept that was interesting to contemplate — yet offered no real-world benefit to the enterprise. This is no longer the case. As end users access networked services […]

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Bessemer’s 2021 cloud report provides context for soaring software startup valuations

March 11, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

Some well-known VC firms have spent the last few months crunching data while working to chart, graph, and map the world of venture investing. Happily for you and I, they’ve been pretty free with their time and data, helping us […]

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Ubuntu clouds on the Raspberry Pi

October 23, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, just released Ubuntu 20.10. This “Groovy Gorilla” is a short-term release (STR) that’s only supported for 9 months. If you want an Ubuntu to use in production you want the long-term support (LTS) Ubuntu 20.04. […]

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Building a Cloud Roadmap

September 30, 2020

Via: Cloud Tweaks

To my understanding, a cloud roadmap is an essential requirement both for the whole cloud journey and for the business. For example, if we were talking about a trip to another country, you would want to plan as much as […]

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7 ways to gain control over cloud spend

September 21, 2020

Via: CIO

Enterprises worldwide spent a record $34.6 billion on cloud services in 2020’s second quarter, up roughly 11 percent from the previous quarter and 30 percent from the same period last year, according to research firm Canalys. What isn’t known is […]

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Hyland’s acquisition of Alfresco software accelerates its path to cloud

September 11, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Hyland Software, best known for its OnBase and Perceptive content management portfolios, has just announced it will acquire Alfresco Software. Both vendors were named as “Leaders” in The Forrester Wave: ECM Content Platforms, Q3 2019 (subscription required). This is a […]

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Gaining Maximum Value from the Cloud

July 28, 2020

Via: CIO

Most organizations are using the cloud for some of their business processes and services. But piecemeal adoption of applications has led to inefficiencies, management problems, and an overall lack of visibility across the IT infrastructure. The result is stunted cloud […]

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5 Core Tenets for Effective Multicloud Security

July 24, 2020

Via: Security Intelligence

For a growing number of organizations adopting cloud-based deployment models, the cloud security challenge is clear. For example, how do I rapidly transform my business in a way that is also secure and compliant? Business leaders have an opportunity to […]

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Fortinet snaps up OPAQ in secure access, cloud security push

July 21, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Fortinet has acquired OPAQ Networks to enhance the firm’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) portfolio. Announced on Monday, the deal is described as a solution to a challenge faced by today’s organizations: a need for “immediate, uninterrupted, and secure access […]

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Elevating the Multi-Cloud Discussion

July 15, 2020

Via: CIO

Multi-cloud is a reality for most IT shops today. According to the 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey, 55% of organizations currently use multiple public clouds and, for a variety of reasons, that trend will continue unabated. But creating a true […]

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Cloudops tools: More is not better

July 10, 2020

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Cloud operations, or cloudops, is becoming the problem to solve as enterprises operationalize their cloud and multicloud deployments. The ideal pattern of management involves a pragmatic approach to operations by leveraging tools to automate predetermined procedures and runbooks. Right now, […]

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Cryptomining syndicate hijacks Kubernetes clusters

June 11, 2020

Via: TechRadar

Microsoft has released a new report highlighting a new series of attacks targeting a toolkit called Kubeflow which is used for running machine learning operations on top of Kubernetes clusters. The attacks first began in April of this year and […]