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Service Models

Going cloud optional for the deskless workforce

April 22, 2024

Via: TechRadar

Most applications are built to rely on the cloud. However, many organizations are beginning to realize that cloud dependency has drawbacks. The challenges of cloud over-dependency are most apparent in industries such as aviation, quick-service restaurants, e-commerce, and healthcare, where […]

Cloud Security

Achieve scalable cyber resiliency in the cloud during an age of exponential data growth

March 5, 2024

Via: CIO

Data volumes continue to grow exponentially, and there’s no end in sight. IDC predicts that the amount of commercial data in storage will be 12.8 ZB by 2026. A typical novel contains 1 MB of data and is about 12 […]

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Sustainability benefits of cloud computing data centers

February 29, 2024

Via: Computer Weekly

Data centers are significant drivers of growth in electricity demand. Cloud computing data centers are large facilities that need an incredible amount of electricity to run and maintain, but there are worldwide efforts to move to more sustainable energy. The […]

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Inside Google’s strategic move to eliminate customer cloud data transfer fees

January 12, 2024

Via: Network World

Google’s move to eliminate data transfer fees for customers changing cloud providers is in response to anti-trust investigations underway in the UK and the European Union (EU), analysts say. “The elimination of these fees by Google appears to be a […]

Cloud Security

The unhappy reality of cloud security in 2023

June 27, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The studies are coming fast these days. Thales Global Cloud Security Study for 2022 found that during the past 12 months, 45% of businesses have experienced a cloud data breach or failed to perform audits. (It would have been nice […]

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Cloud specialists get the big bucks, but there’s still a role for generalists

May 16, 2023

Via: ZDnet

As the world continues to move to the cloud, there’s going to be an increasing need for engineers, AI specialists, and operations people who can keep things connected, secure, and running. While there’s less or a requirement for the cloud […]

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Repatriating cloud apps and data? Think it through

April 21, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

My January post on cloud repatriation seems to have struck some nerves. Indeed, I found the reactions a bit polarized when they should not have been. Cloud repatriation is about making unemotional decisions as to where to locate applications and […]

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Surviving Cloud Outages: What You Need to Know

February 28, 2023

Via: Data Center Knowledge

The unthinkable became common: cloud outages. A cloud outage means essential services such as storage, compute capacity, or middleware are unavailable in one cloud data center or an entire region. With backend and business applications in the cloud nowadays, such […]

Cloud Security

The Top Cloud Security Threat Comes from Within

December 20, 2022

Via: CIO

One of the biggest cloud security threats your company faces isn’t malicious. In fact, it originates from inside your IT organization. Accidental misconfigurations pose one of the leading security vulnerabilities IT organizations contend with in the cloud. According to a […]

Deployment Models, Private Cloud

Eufy’s security cameras send data to the cloud without consent, and that’s not the worst part

December 1, 2022

Via: ZDnet

Eufy’s claims to keep “privacy in your own hands” have been rendered null, after a researcher caught the security camera company uploading local-only footage to the cloud without user authorization or knowledge. To top it all off, users have also […]

Cloud Security

Why you’re getting cloud security wrong

October 25, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

The Cloud Security Alliance, in partnership with security company BigID, released the results of a survey of 1,500 IT and security professionals. They all weighed in on the state of cloud data security in 2022 and had some not-so-surprising data […]

Cloud Security

96% of companies report insufficient security for sensitive cloud data

October 20, 2022

Via: CSO Online

The vast majority of organizations lack confidence in securing their data in cloud, while many companies acknowledge they lack sufficient security even for their most sensitive data, according to a new report by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CSA […]

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Data Management Models for the Cloud

September 26, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

How an organization manages cloud data depends on who needs access to it, how often, from where, and for what purpose. In planning governance policies and processes, businesses must take into consideration the needs of the teams protecting the data […]

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Dr Martens goes feetfirst into cloud-to-cloud backup

September 22, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

Footwear and clothing brand Dr Martens has moved large chunks of its operations to the cloud, and uses third-party backup to extend standard cloud data protection and gain ransomware protection. The move has seen the company supplement standard retention in […]

Cloud Security

Cloud security pros expect elevated risk for serious data breaches

September 19, 2022

Via: CIO Dive

The perception of growing risk amid common occurrences accentuates the persistent cloud security challenges organizations confront as they deploy and invest in more cloud infrastructure. System downtime due to misconfiguration and cloud data breaches were the most commonly reported security […]

Global Cloud

SAP is holding data for Russian customers

April 8, 2022

Via: CIO

SAP has offered its customers in Russia the option to move their cloud data out of the country before its data centers there are shut down, according to Ukrainian news portal The Kyiv Independent. In a March 23 letter from […]

Global Cloud

The cloud comes down to earth

January 10, 2022

Via: Computerworld

The cloud is no longer some distant, separate place. Yes, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google maintain unimaginably vast expanses of servers in cloud data centers around the world – as do thousands of SaaS providers. But those clouds and the services […]

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How to choose a cloud data warehouse

December 13, 2021

Via: Info World

Enterprise data warehouses, or EDWs, are unified databases for all historical data across an enterprise, optimized for analytics. These days, organizations implementing data warehouses often consider creating the data warehouse in the cloud rather than on premises. Many also consider […]

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Get your cloud data right the first time

October 22, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

When moving data from traditional on-premises systems to public clouds, what to do with the data is the primary focus. Many enterprises simply replicate their current data technology, governance, and security in their cloud provider, not really thinking about improving […]


How to keep your cloud environment secure: 6 best practices

May 21, 2021

Via: Diana Beverly Ross

Cloud services allow you to move faster and accelerate your business with agile technology at a lower cost. And today, security and technology go hand in hand, as digital transformation has taken over a large number of organizations, all over […]