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Cloud ROI: Getting Innovation Economics Right with FinOps

April 3, 2023

Via: CIO

Is the cloud a good investment? Does it deliver strong returns? How can we invest responsibly in the cloud? These are questions IT and finance leaders are wrestling with today because the cloud has left many companies in a balancing […]

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Telcos are set to spend billions on new cloud infrastructure

February 17, 2023

Via: Tech Radar

Almost half (46%) of telco network capacity will be entirely cloud-native in the next 3-5 years, hinting at huge investments to come, a new report has claimed. To get to this stage, research from Capgemini has been suggested that telco […]

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Are we experiencing cloudflation?

September 16, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

According to Gartner research in February, overall cloud investment will reach $544 billion this year. For those of you keeping score, that’s up 21% from the previous year. Is this good news? Depends on who you ask. The pandemic gave […]

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IDC: 4 cloud investment predictions

June 29, 2022

Via: CIO

As cloud adoption has continued to rise in recent years in response to businesses’ need for agility, cost savings, innovation, and digital transformation, organizations are faced with new challenges and opportunities that impact business operations. Presenting at CIO’s recent Future […]

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The two things customers want from cloud vendors

February 20, 2020

Via: CIO

While many enterprise customers like their cloud products, there are often some general rumblings of frustration with their vendors. Regardless of how long they have been doing business together, the size of the organization or the size of their cloud […]