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Microsoft’s Radius and the future of cloud-native development

October 26, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The complexity of cloud-native applications appears bottomless. In addition to the familiar Kubernetes, cloud-native apps build on a growing ecosystem of services baked into the public cloud platforms. Developing and managing these applications requires a lot more than coding, going […]

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Orro: Delivering a sustainable future enabled by the cloud

September 5, 2023

Via: CIO

In Australia, Orro is synonymous with ironclad software-defined infrastructure and sovereign cloud services that enable new ways of working, from fully managed cloud-native applications that accelerate the pace of business, to advanced collaboration tools that deliver on the promise of […]

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HPE expands GreenLake private cloud offerings

December 20, 2022

Via: Network World

HPE has announced new features for its GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, including Kubernetes support and workload-optimized instances. HPE launched GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise in June. It’s an automated private cloud offering for enterprises looking to deploy both traditional […]

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7 biggest Kubernetes security mistakes

July 26, 2022

Via: Info World

Today, if you’re creating or working with cloud-native applications, you’re almost certainly working with Kubernetes. According to a recent CNCF report, 96% of organizations are either using or evaluating Kubernetes. Kubernetes already has 5.6 million users worldwide, representing 31% of […]

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How to create a cloud center of excellence

June 20, 2022

Via: Info World

Any sizeable organization focused on developing and deploying cloud-native applications should consider establishing a cloud center of excellence (CCoE). Creating a CCoE will help you successfully leverage the cloud to increase the scale and agility of your business. In a […]

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The Future of CloudOps: Big Challenges and Possible Solutions

December 15, 2021

Via: eWeek

The most hyped areas of cloud computing include cloud native development, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, and other areas of cloud deployments that people enjoy discussing when they talk about the future of cloud. In […]

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Innovation, open source and data – how to get ahead

October 19, 2021

Via: TechRadar

Innovation is essential to stay ahead of your competition. Without new ways of working, new products or new digital services, companies will fall behind their competitors that are willing to try new things. For example, EY’s research into the technology, […]

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Microsoft and Docker team up to make packaging and running cloud-native applications easier

December 4, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Microsoft and Docker today announced a new joint open-source project, the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB), that aims to make the lifecycle management of cloud-native applications easier. At its core, the CNAB is nothing but a specification that allows developers […]