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Canonical releases new low-touch, open-source cloud solution

November 14, 2023

Via: ZDnet

Today, Canonical announced the release of a new cloud solution, called MicroCloud, which was created specifically for scalable clusters and edge deployments for all types of businesses. MicroCloud was built with simplicity, security, and automation at its core to help […]

Cloud Clients

Salesforce, Accenture unveil joint life sciences cloud solution

November 6, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

The healthcare sector, with its massive data silos, reams of regulations and aging legacy systems, remains ripe for modernization. But compliance and safety challenges have hindered cloud adoption and raised concerns about solutions that risk exposing patient data. Industry verticals […]

Global Cloud

Microsoft-Epic partnership yields EHR cloud solution

August 10, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

The massive and complex healthcare industry is a major front in the battle among hyperscalers to capture new cloud workloads. A vertical that satisfies regulatory compliance, ensures data security and meets other sector-specific IT needs represents one strategy Microsoft has […]

Cloud Security

Oracle unveils secure cloud solution in bid for DoD contracts

July 31, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Industry verticals revved up Oracle’s cloud business earlier this year, as the cloud provider struggled to compete for market share with the more dominant hyperscalers. Segment revenue for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ballooned by 77% year over year during the three-month […]

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Oracle deploys EU sovereign cloud solution in bid to satisfy regulators

June 21, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Oracle isn’t the only cloud service provider working toward data sovereignty solutions. Microsoft is making progress on an industry vertical for government and public sector customers it hopes to deploy later this year, and Google Cloud introduced a digital sovereignty […]

Service Models

SolarWinds turns to Infosys to accelerate SaaS shift

May 11, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

The partnership gives SolarWinds access to Infosys industry cloud solution blueprints and over 35,000 additional assets that will facilitate the new business model. “We now have a framework to quickly transition our other monitoring and observability solutions across network, infrastructure, […]

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Defining a cloud solution by the skills you actually have

January 10, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

Here’s a scenario you may have experienced: The consensus of the cloud architecture team is that a “cloud-native” solution is the best approach to a new business application that will define the next generation of the company. Containers and container […]

Cloud Clients

Does your team need a cloud-based unified communication and collaboration tool?

May 13, 2022

Via: Computerworld

The debate is over — and the cloud won. Most businesses have left their quaint PBX phone systems behind and moved to a unified communications system (UC) that exists entirely in the cloud, because they don’t want to be tied […]


Understanding the Concept of “Data Sovereignty” Means Choosing the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business

February 22, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

A mind-boggling volume of data is created and stored every year, and it’s growing all the time. The large-scale adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud storage services brought major compliance challenges for users and providers. The terms […]

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Overcomplicated cloud solutions are making the skills shortage worse

December 7, 2021

Via: InfoWorld

The cloud solution team has an architect who has designed the target cloud solution or the selection and configuration of the different types of cloud technology—hopefully, while keeping the business requirements in mind. Unfortunately, in many cases, the solution looks […]

Deployment Models, Hybrid Cloud

How to Choose a Cloud Provider for Your Hybrid Cloud Solution

August 26, 2021

Via: Data Center Knowledge

Choosing a cloud provider is complicated enough when you plan to run all of your workloads within a single public cloud: You have to compare the various features and pricing schedules that different cloud providers offer to determine the best […]

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3 signs of an overengineered enterprise cloud solution

June 18, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Overengineering is the process of designing a product with more features than necessary. When deployed for its intended use, the product is unnecessarily complex, inefficient, or both. The increased costs, risks, and/or complexities of the system will eventually result in […]

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For cloud deployments, ‘it works’ is not good enough

August 17, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

“It works.” That’s a term used to go right along with “success,” but these days it means that you’ve gotten an instance of a cloud solution up and running. But it’s typically falling short in some way that those that […]

Private Cloud

4 things to look for in a private cloud solution

May 1, 2018

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

If your team doesn’t know what to look for in a private cloud solution, you might end up picking a terrible choice for your organization. That one bad decision could put your business at a huge disadvantage for key IT […]


Huawei Announces BES Cloud

September 12, 2016

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Huawei announced its BES Cloud solution in HUAWEI CONNECT 2016. BES Cloud represents Huawei’s ongoing commitment to the development of industry leading BSS solutions through provision of a SaaS based model for its new generation BSS, BES (Business Enabling System). […]