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Measure cloud performance like a customer

October 4, 2016

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

When businesses hire outside contractors for a job, they always try to ensure that there are clear measures of whether the contractor is doing the job. Whether it be expanding office space, ensuring the office is cleaned regularly, having the […]

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Evaluating customer engagement cloud solutions: Key questions to ask

October 3, 2016

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Choosing the wrong cloud service for customer engagement and business communications can be costly for high-growth digital businesses.  Just ask someone that made the migrationand then needed to bring some functions back. Bringing things back in-house means large capital expenses […]

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Google Stackdriver Hints at Self-Serve Cloud Future

July 14, 2016

Via: Talkin' Cloud

The Google Stackdriver monitoring tool is speeding toward general availability, offering a glimpse of a future where consumers are encouraged to take to the cloud on their own, leveraging a growing array of self-service tools to perform all manner of […]