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Service Models

IBM taps DNS technology to improve load-balancing service

February 20, 2024

Via: Network World

IBM is offering a new service that uses DNS to help enterprise customers more effectively load balance highly distributed application and multicloud workloads. The IBM NS1 Connect Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) service ties together the company’s NS1 DNS technology […]

Cloud Security

Infoblox brings AI to DNS protection service

February 14, 2024

Via: Network World

Infoblox is rolling out an AI-based package to bolster its domain name system (DNS) protection portfolio and boost security for widely disbursed, DNS-networked enterprise resources. SOC Insights is a cloud-based expansion of the vendor’s current BloxOne DNS Threat Defense package. […]

Global Cloud

IBM service uses DNS to deliver multicloud connectivity

September 26, 2023

Via: Network World

IBM is rolling out a new DNS-based service that will let customers securely control connectivity between distributed multicloud environments. NS1 Connect is one of the first fruits from IBM’s acquisition of DNS specialist NS1 earlier this year. The service is […]

Cloud Security

Denonia Malware Shows Evolving Cloud Threats

April 21, 2022

Via: Data Center Knowledge

One of the more important points to get across when addressing cloud security is to make it clear to all involved that cloud security is not only different, but that it keeps evolving. If security professionals needed a reminder of […]

Global Cloud

AWS: Here’s what went wrong in our big cloud-computing outage

December 13, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Amazon Web Services (AWS) rarely goes down unexpectedly, but you can expect a detailed explainer when a major outage does happen. The latest of AWS’s major outages occurred at 7:30AM PST on Tuesday, December 7, lasted five hours and affected […]

Global Cloud

Microsoft: Here’s what caused our recent Azure cloud-computing services outage

April 6, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Microsoft has revealed the root cause of the recent outage affecting Azure, which lasted about an hour and was due to a surge in Domain Name System (DNS) requests coupled with a code defect. Users were reporting that Azure Portal, […]

Global Cloud

Ongoing DNS hijackings target unpatched consumer routers

April 4, 2019

Via: ArsTechnica

A wave of DNS hijacking attacks that abuse Google’s cloud computing service is causing consumer routers to connect to fraudulent and potentially malicious websites and addresses, a security researcher has warned. By now, most people know that Domain Name System […]

Deployment Models, Hybrid Cloud

Searching for secure DNS infrastructure: Can hybrid cloud architecture help?

March 25, 2016

Via: CompareTheCloud

Because of the fundamental role they play in IT infrastructure, DNS servers are exposed to Internet-based attacks and therefore must be secure at all times. Losing email service or Internet connectivity due to attacks could significantly impact a business’ profitability. […]