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Snowflake reports consumption boom as data rushes to cloud

December 1, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Generative AI has yet to move the needle on enterprise IT spending, according to most analysts. But data cloud services are starting to reap the benefits of this year’s model harvest. “Interest in AI is also driving interest in data […]

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As software migrates to cloud, IT spending waste follows

June 13, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Unnecessary, redundant and uncatalogued tech assets are the bane of enterprise budget hawks. As organizations migrate workloads out of on-prem data centers, tracking down sources of overspending is leading IT asset managers to cloud. Identifying overlapping software and finding ways […]

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Rational exuberance drives IT spending

January 23, 2023

Via: Info World

“IT spending remains recession-proof.” Thus spake John-David Lovelock, distinguished VP analyst at Gartner. This might raise eyebrows, given Big Tech’s big layoffs (more than 200,000 and counting) over the past 12 months. Lovelock’s views notwithstanding, Gartner very recently revised downward […]

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Cloud, services to fuel 3.7% jump in EMEA IT spending in 2023: Gartner

November 10, 2022

Via: Computerworld

New research from Gartner shows that IT spending in EMEA is set to see a 3.7%, year- over-year increase in 2023, rising to $1.3 trillion. While companies are often hesitant to sign new contracts or commit to long-term spending initiatives […]

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Cloud Certifications: A Differentiating Factor in the Tech Industry

October 24, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

Cloud computing technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the depth of product offerings across vendors continues to grow with it. Increased internet access, reduced costs, new technology and a pandemic-driven digitization of many services have accelerated the adoption […]

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How to Transition to the Cloud

August 29, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

For all the upheaval to business caused by the pandemic, one positive is that it accelerated the move to the cloud, particularly among enterprise IT solution companies. Now as businesses emerge from the pandemic, cloud adoption is set to continue, […]

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Cloud Without Modernization Is an Antipattern

August 11, 2022

Via: InformationWeek

Your cloud strategy may be “all in, right now” or a slower, incremental approach. But whichever way you choose, modernization is a must. Cloud without modernization, as a cloud security architect once told me, is just a move from one […]

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IT spending will be mostly cloud soon. Are you ready?

February 18, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

Recent research shows that 51% of IT budgets will go to cloud-based systems development and operations by 2025. No surprises there; we all know this day is coming. We also know that the cloud budget percentage will continue to increase […]

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Gartner survey of CIOs highlights investments in AI, cloud and cybersecurity

October 18, 2021

Via: ZDnet

A new survey from Gartner found that a majority of CIOs are focusing their investments this year and next year on AI and distributed cloud technology. The 2022 CIO and Technology Executive Survey features data gleaned from 2,387 CIO and […]

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Why It’s Time for Companies to Move ‘All-In’ on the Cloud

March 17, 2020

Via: Cloud Tweaks

The cloud offers businesses innovative ways to optimize operations and achieve amazing results. While many companies have already migrated to the cloud in some capacity, the full scope of its services have yet to be fully leveraged. The cloud market […]

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Cloud computing will impact $1 trillion of IT spending decisions

July 22, 2016

Via: Business Cloud News

As IT spend steadily shifts from traditional IT offerings through to the cloud, a process which the Gartner team has coined the ‘cloud shift’, the rate in which enterprise organizations transition through to cloud is expected to gradually increase year-on-year. […]