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Choosing between native and non-native cloud integration systems

November 12, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Data integration solutions come in one of three categories. First there’s old school data integration solutions created in the 1990s from the EAI movement, now expanded to include public cloud computing domains. Second, newer cloud-based iPaaS (integration platforms as a […]

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What is a hybrid integration platform (HIP)?

July 16, 2019

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

Business leaders are constantly looking for new ways to transform their organizations by using technology and data to drive innovation and business results. But before you can think about deriving insights or building seamless customer experiences, you first need to […]

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How to avoid the coming cloud integration panic

November 20, 2018

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

You are trying to get an end-of-quarter report out and you’re having some trouble. It seems that while sales are recorded on a public cloud system, inventory is recorded on an on-premises system. You need to combine both data stores […]

Deployment Models, Hybrid Cloud

Cloud-iplicity: Integration in a multicloud world

September 8, 2017

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

Let’s say you suddenly have the power to clone yourself. How many of you would it take to tackle all of your work on any given day? Two? Three? Four? Twelve? If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you probably […]

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How to Make Cloud Integration Easy

May 4, 2017

Via: Data Center Knowledge

Many enterprises today are adopting a “cloud first” mentality that advises IT to evaluate whether cloud storage is a workable option for all requests they receive. This is understandable, as the cloud offers many benefits, including facilitating collaborative work, increasing […]

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Integrating and managing multiple cloud services

March 30, 2017

Via: CompareTheCloud

The skills needed to prosper in this new world are much more service orientated than technically driven. IT teams need to be fully conversant with service level management, strong in IT contract negotiation and development, have a good understanding of […]