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5 ways to save business bucks on the cloud

March 15, 2022

Via: Computerworld

I’m on the cloud. You’re on the cloud. We’re all on the cloud. According to Flexera’s State of the Cloud 2022 survey, almost two-thirds of all SMB workloads are now on the cloud. But, as we move more and more […]

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3 creative ways to obtain cloud talent

July 23, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Looking to ramp up for huge cloud projects but limited by the number of qualified people you can find? You’re not alone. According to Gartner, “insufficient cloud [infrastructure-as-a-service] skills will delay half of enterprise IT organizations’ migration to the cloud […]

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Digital Transformation – Updated Metrics for the Cloud Era

April 28, 2020

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Undertaking digital transformation means also transforming how IT success is defined, including metrics that address business in the cloud. With up to 90% of budgets spent keeping the lights on, cost is always an important metric for IT. Yet, the […]

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2 reasons to avoid industry-specific cloud technology

March 1, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

In my years as a cloud computing consultant, I am always taken back by my client’s request to have techs with vertical-specific knowledge help with their cloud projects. Moreover, they seek vertical-specific clouds and cloud services, or clouds that are […]

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Open-source security: Can OpenStack really protect your cloud data?

April 13, 2018

Via: CompareTheCloud

A free, open-source platform, OpenStack was created with the ambitious target of giving infrastructure-as-a-service to consumers in a rapid, self-serve manner. It is now one of the most popular open-source cloud projects with the likes of eBay and Walmart relying […]

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3 common cloud ROI failures you must avoid

February 10, 2017

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

A lot of cloud computing projects fail in that they do not bring the promised ROI. In my book, if a project cannot live up to the projected ROI, it has failed. There are three common cloud mistakes that lead […]

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Adapt or die: 3 imperatives for cloud projects

January 4, 2017

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

In the migration to the cloud, enterprises quickly learn that adaptability — the willingness to change — has to happen. Failure to adapt can turn minor problems into massive damage. For example, a large enterprise that migrates 100 applications to […]