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Effective Data Security Begins With a Strong Tech Foundation

March 31, 2020

Via: Security Intelligence

Data is the engine of the modern economy. Whether it consists of customer data, intellectual property, market insights or financial information, these types of sensitive data enable the most successful businesses to thrive. It’s no surprise, then, that securing that […]

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3 things I bet you didn’t know about multicloud security

March 20, 2020

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Those of you who built a security plan and physical security technology stack for a single public cloud provider just a few years ago hopefully don’t also believe that you can replicate that to many cloud brands or multicloud. It […]

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Grow Your Business With an Evolving Cloud Security Strategy

March 17, 2020

Via: Security Intelligence

We have all heard the castle-and-moat analogy to describe traditional centralized approaches to cybersecurity. As cloud security becomes increasingly important in the modern landscape, I think we should add one more component to the analogies we use to think about […]

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Surviving the Cloud Migration Journey

March 13, 2020

Via: CompareTheCloud

The preferred model – at least in concept – is a hybrid network. A successful migration to a hybrid cloud architecture will enable you to keep your bespoke legacy applications and secure your most sensitive data on-premise. At the same […]

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The 5 Biggest Hybrid Cloud Management Challenges—And How to Overcome Them

March 11, 2020

Via: Cloud Tweaks

The benefits of the cloud—reduced costs, greater IT flexibility, and more—are well-established. But now many organizations are moving to hybrid cloud management platforms. While hybrid clouds do offer a greater level of flexibility, control and security, they can also be […]

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VMware launches apps-development platform for on-prem, cloud

March 10, 2020

Via: Network World

As promised, VMware has taken the next major step in making Kubernetes containers the centerpiece of future enterprise and hybrid-cloud application environments for its core vSphere customers. At its VMworld event last year the company introduced its Tanzu platform, a […]

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The Criticality of Data Governance in a Multi-cloud Environment

March 9, 2020

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Multi-cloud has emerged as an enterprise favorite in almost no time. In fact, Security Boulevard makes a reference to a Forrester Research Report which confirms that almost 86 percent of the surveyed global decision-makers have already adopted a multi-cloud strategy. […]

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Which multicloud architecture will win out?

February 28, 2020

Via: InfoWorld

You would have to be living under a rock not to notice that multicloud deployments have become the new normal, for many reasons. The core arguments I’m hearing are the notions of avoiding lock-in and picking best-of-breed cloud services. As […]

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Business intelligence in a multi-cloud era

January 31, 2020

Via: CompareTheCloud

However, since the cloud market has matured and become mainstream, things have changed. Companies are now taking advantage of the many different possibilities available to them, and in turn, shifting the way that business intelligence tools are used. This has […]

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Accessible bookcast streaming service becomes securely available on IBM Cloud

January 30, 2020

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

Accessible entertainment isn’t often easily accessible. The mainstream entertainment industry doesn’t cater to people who can’t see or hear well; people with PTSD, autism or epilepsy; or those who are learning English as a second language. These population segments can […]