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How to figure out the value of cloud computing

May 10, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

What is the true value of cloud computing for your business? We thought it was easy to define, once upon a time, but we were very wrong. In those days we thought cloud computing would lower IT operational costs and […]

Deployment Models, Public Cloud

Protecting Cloud Assets in 5 Steps with Micro-Segmentation

May 4, 2022

Via: CSO Online

Whether a company utilizes a private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure or offers cloud services to others, it is critical that each cloud instance and service be isolated to help minimize the risk of data compromise. In a traditional network, […]

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Cloud Growth will Skyrocket in 2022

May 3, 2022

Via: Cloud Tweaks

This year will be a period of meteoric growth for the cloud industry. Research from Gartner suggests that global spending on public cloud services in 2022 will exceed $480 billion, a 22% increase from last year alone. An increased reliance […]

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Firms struggling with non-person identities in the cloud

May 2, 2022

Via: CSO Online

The explosion of non-human identities in public cloud deployments has decision makers turning to new identity and access management tools to keep their environments secure, according to a new study performed by Forrester Consulting for Sonrai Security and Amazon Web […]

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Why public clouds lead with renewables

April 29, 2022

Via: Info World

It’s no surprise that the top tech companies are also the top cloud companies. It’s also no surprise that these top tech companies are making big investments in green energy. Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta are now the three largest buyers […]

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Cloud boosts Microsoft’s strong third quarter

April 27, 2022

Via: Computerworld

Microsoft posted strong results across the board for its third quarter of 2022, with total revenue increasing by 18% year-over-year to $49.4 billion, thanks in large part to continued growth of its cloud products. Net income for the quarter was […]

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Cloud computing is set for a massive spending boost in 2022

April 20, 2022

Via: TechRadar

Businesses’ growing desire for more and more public cloud services is showing no signs of slowing down, according to the latest figures from Gartner. The analyst house predicted global public cloud spending will rise 20.4% in 2022 to a total […]

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Gartner: Public cloud spending on the rise across the globe as hybrid working takes hold

April 19, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

The amount of money end-users across the globe spend on public cloud services is expected to continue to soar on a year-by-year basis, according to Gartner’s latest forecast data. The IT analyst house predicts that spending on public cloud services […]

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The lowdown on low code and no code in the cloud

February 22, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

If I get one question lately, it’s about using low-code and no-code platforms as part of a cloud solution, typically for fast application development. Here’s my attempt to put this into perspective for everyone out there building cloud solutions or […]

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IT spending will be mostly cloud soon. Are you ready?

February 18, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

Recent research shows that 51% of IT budgets will go to cloud-based systems development and operations by 2025. No surprises there; we all know this day is coming. We also know that the cloud budget percentage will continue to increase […]