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3 Reasons Why Cloud Contact Centres Are the Next Step in Customer Success

April 25, 2022


At the same time that the implications of the global pandemic have created difficulties for many, they have also sparked an opportunity for growth and change. 

One key area that has continued to evolve even as we return to a sense of normality, is customer experience. Indeed, according to Deloitte, 75% of companies expect to make the move to cloud contact centres within the next two years. This is likely due to the inability of on-premise solutions to scale and adapt easily to the rapidly accelerating changes in consumer behaviour, that have been spurred on by the pandemic.

Therefore, in an ever-crowded market, it has become even more prudent for brands to invest in developing a seamless digital experience, distinguished from the competition.

Cloud contact centres are just one of the ways forward for organisations going through a digitalisation journey. 

What is a cloud contact centre?

Essentially, a cloud contact centre is a software solution that allows organisations to manage all outbound and inbound communications across the globe with greater ease and reduced costs.

As well as being a cheaper alternative to on-premise contact centre and its maintenance, cloud contact centres streamline customer service management across multiple channels.

Moving away from traditional methods and hardware also enables companies to conveniently adapt and scale the channels of communication they leverage in campaigns. Channels can be managed and removed or replaced with newer, more popular ones if they are under-performing. 

3 challenges cloud contact centres help brands overcome

Cloud contact centres continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of organisations and their customers. Here are some of the biggest challenges cloud contact centres help to solve to deliver a total customer experience:

1. Personalisation of CX

In the face of such a crowded online market, customers are settling for nothing short of complete, hyper-personalisation. Not only has this added to the pressure of landing clients but also complicates the process of maintaining and maximising client lifetime value (CLV).

Cloud contact centres combat this difficulty by allowing agents in an international team to easily access client information and the full history of any claim, request, or communication made on their behalf. 

This not only facilitates personalisation and efforts to make a customer feel unique but also results in a less repetitive and frustrating process for both parties, especially for long-term communication.

2. Building a seamless digital experience

Another pressure for brands hoping to create long-lasting relationships with customers is the emphasis on developing a memorable and intuitive experience. 

As potential customers progress through their buyer journey across multiple channels of communication, maintaining consistency is the biggest obstacle. Implementing an integrated cloud contact centre provides organisations with complete operational insight into how prospects are interacting with the brand, and on which channel. 

This aids omnichannel engagement strategies, as each channel has data transparency, rather than being trapped in siloes. 

Businesses can leverage this oversight to create reports and use trends to examine performance and develop new iterations of the contact centre and client experience strategies (CX). As a result, utilising a cloud contact centre aids the review process and subsequently, the building of an optimised and seamless digital experience for potential clients.

3. Agent Productivity

The advent of hybrid working has been both a gift and a curse. Whilst flexibility is extremely valuable, maintaining agent productivity and consistency in the way that customers are communicated with and engaged is often one of the biggest concerns for organisations managing large teams and complex schedule arrangements. 

However, in the same way that the cloud contact centres aid personalisation, they also boost productivity by supplying agents with automated and intelligent workflows, all in a single interface. Agents have access to all of the communication channels they need, as well as a complete history of each customer. This improves both the capacity and alignment of teams, as important data is not kept siloed within each department.

This means that team members work more efficiently together remotely and deliver a higher service standard by avoiding human error, and repetition of requests and questions. 

Insights collected from cloud contact centres can also be leveraged to identify each agent’s strengths and assign them to the channels they are best suited to.

As such, the intuitive, intelligent workflows of cloud contact centres not only help boost morale but also enable agents to maintain productivity and consistently provide the highest levels of service possible. After all, a happy agent means a happy client.

Final thoughts

As client needs and the issues they face continue to evolve over time aligned with shifting trends and technological developments, optimising contact centres has never been more important. 

Indeed, as the role of digital channels in the buyer journey continues to change, so must the communication strategy of brands looking to secure competitive positioning. With the right implementation, cloud contact centres can be the answer to solving these challenges. 

Their ability to streamline workflows, aid personalisation, and assist in the development of a remarkable digital experience for clients makes cloud contact centres an efficient and elegant solution for modern-day customer outreach problems.

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