Settling the edge computing vs. cloud computing debate

September 3, 2019

Category: Global Cloud

I’m beginning to hear a lot of noise from the tech press warning that cloud computing is in danger from emerging edge computing technology. As somebody who works on both sides of the network, I want to clear a few […]

VMworld 2019: VMware expands its multicloud, security, Kubernetes strategies

August 29, 2019

Via: ZDnet

VMware in the span of seven days set its strategy to grab more multicloud deployments, positioned itself in case developers favor containers over virtual machines in the future and reiterated its case as a go-to enterprise engine for digital transformation. […]

Cyber attackers exploiting poor cloud security

August 22, 2019

Category: Global Cloud

Despite 42% of organisations saying they are concerned about cloud security, many are failing to carry out security testing or follow best practices, a study shows. The potentially devastating effects of poor cloud security was illustrated recently with a data […]

Deployment Models, Public Cloud

Microsoft buys start-up Movere to help businesses move work to the cloud

September 5, 2019

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Microsoft’s effort to get more businesses onto its Azure public cloud is poised to get an assist from the acquisition of a start-up called Movere. Movere’s technology helps IT administrators better understand how data center tools are used and then […]

Global Cloud, Service Models, Software as a service (SaaS)

OpenGov acquires ViewPoint Cloud, to add licensing and permitting functionality to its platform

September 5, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

In the same week that it announced a $51 million round of funding, OpenGov — the startup that provides SaaS software designed to help governments and other civic organizations run their operations — is announcing an acquisition to expand the […]

Global Cloud

Moving cloud services towards understanding speech

September 4, 2019

Via: CompareTheCloud

ASR goes under several names including computer transcription, digital dictaphone and quite wrongly, voice recognition. Speech recognition is all about what someone is saying, whereas voice recognition is about who is saying it. This has been further confused by the […]

Deployment Models, Global Cloud, Private Cloud

Making the Case for Network Segmentation in AWS

September 4, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

Network segmentation is a concept that dates back to the start of enterprise IT systems. The simplest demonstration of this is separating application and infrastructure components with a firewall. This concept is now a routine part of building data centers […]