What is the Difference Between a VPS and a Cloud VPS?

August 14, 2020

Category: Global Cloud

While researching this article it became very apparent that there is a lot of confusion about the differences between VPS Hosting and a Cloud VPS. They are both Virtual Private Servers, right? Well, yes and no. There are very many […]

Security Modernization for the Cloud

August 6, 2020

Category: Global Cloud

Many organizations are facing new cybersecurity concerns as they look to accelerate their digital transformations for themselves and their customers. At the same time, information technology (IT) and operations are being challenged to unite and innovate to meet their enterprise’s […]

Gaining Maximum Value from the Cloud

July 28, 2020

Via: CIO
Category: Global Cloud

Most organizations are using the cloud for some of their business processes and services. But piecemeal adoption of applications has led to inefficiencies, management problems, and an overall lack of visibility across the IT infrastructure. The result is stunted cloud […]

Deployment Models, Public Cloud

IHS Markit makes bold bet on public cloud during the pandemic

August 11, 2020

Via: CIO

As the coronavirus forced businesses to close in March, IHS Markit faced a difficult decision. The company, which provides data analytics services, had hoped to offload the bulk of its compute functions to the public cloud beginning in 2020, but […]

Cloud Clients

5 Reasons Ithaca Energy Prefers Nasuni Cloud File Storage to Traditional Infrastructure

August 10, 2020

Via: Nasuni

We’re always excited when we get the chance to share another customer story, and our new case study on Ithaca Energy is compelling for a few reasons. Ithaca demonstrates our momentum in the file-centric oil and gas industry, proves that […]

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Security teams struggle to keep pace with cloud threats

August 10, 2020

Via: Computer Weekly

Misconfiguration, unauthorised access and account hijacking are the most pressing of a number of threats to public cloud environments, which are now reaching a level where security operations are finding it more and more of a challenge to keep up, […]