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Why we multicloud

April 22, 2022

Via: Info World

Multicloud is a more polarizing concept than I once thought. Because multicloud is an overwhelming trend these days, I often hear both sides of the debate about whether multicloud is the next evolution of cloud. Or will it simply create […]

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SolarWinds launches overarching management, monitoring for hybrid cloud

April 21, 2022

Via: Network World

IT management software provider SolarWinds has launched Hybrid Cloud Observability to help organizations address issues across cloud and hybrid environments. The software and services package can monitor network performance, servers and applications; analyze logs; manage IP addresses; track user devices; […]

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IBM and the Future of Hybrid Cloud

April 12, 2022

Via: eWeek

IBM recently hosted a virtual leadership summit, The Future of Hybrid Cloud, that explored the latest developments in hybrid cloud, data usage, business insights, and how to use and integrate those technologies to become a catalyst for innovation and digital […]

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Clean Harbors’ CIO: Hybrid approach to the cloud is a win-win

April 4, 2022

Via: CIO

For many organizations, the recent rush to the cloud has also given pause to strategic considerations around what best to leave in house. Clean Harbors is one such entity taking a hybrid approach to its digital transformation to ensure high […]

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Babylon Health expands hybrid cloud infrastructure setup to include Google

March 28, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

Digital healthcare provider Babylon Health has added Google Cloud to the roster of suppliers that make up its hybrid cloud infrastructure estate to enable its business to globally scale with greater ease. The company, which was founded in 2013, works […]

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IBM service aims to secure multicloud operations

March 24, 2022

Via: CSO Online

IBM is launching a new service to help customers manage their data encryption keys in a hybrid cloud environment. Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate all security key-management systems into one managed service that’s backed by Big Blue’s Hardware Security […]

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Cisco and NetApp upgrade their converged-infrastructure platform for hybrid cloud

March 16, 2022

Via: Network World

Cisco and NetApp have upgraded their converged-infrastructure platform, FlexPod, to handle hybrid-cloud services. FlexPod–which Cisco and NetApp have been building since 2010 and has some 10,000 customers the vendors say–includes integrated Cisco UCS servers and networking gear and NetApp ONTAP […]

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Virtual networks need a rethink to meet hybrid-, multi-cloud demands

March 1, 2022

Via: Network World

Everyone in tech likely thinks they know what “cloud computing” and “networking” mean, but they’re probably wrong, and their misconceptions about the first topic color their view of the second. Yes, the cloud is dominating computing, but most stuff isn’t […]

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Is Hybrid Cloud a Cop Out?

February 8, 2022

Via: CIO

If you asked me five years ago if I thought hybrid cloud was a cop out – a misinformed strategy for businesses that weren’t ready to transform hard enough – I probably would have said yes. I saw the allure […]

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Extract greater value through better hybrid cloud management

February 3, 2022

Via: Compare the Cloud

Hybrid cloud is now the default infrastructure for most enterprises. In fact, 82 per cent now have a hybrid cloud strategy – with an average of 2.6 public and 2.7 private clouds per organisation. But a lot of this adoption […]