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12 dark secrets of cloud security

July 17, 2019

Via: CIO

The promise of cloud computing is irresistible. For pocket change, you can spin up a server. Backups can be created with a click. No more worries about buying hardware or keeping the server closet cool. Just log in and go. […]

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How to deal with cloud complexity

July 16, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Cloud complexity is the number one reason enterprises experience failures with cloud. Cloud-based platforms become complex due to an excess of heterogeneity and fewer common services. The end result is negative cloud computing value. We all wish we had a […]

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3 tips for container devops in the cloud

July 12, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Devops in the cloud is all the rage. Take the speed and always-improving processes and toolchains of devops, add hugely scalable and self-configuring public cloud endpoints, and the end result is pretty much zero latency between the need to build […]

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Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption with application modernization

July 9, 2019

Via: Thoughts on Cloud

Despite the significant benefits of cloud computing, which include cost savings, agility, elasticity and standardization, to name a few, some companies are struggling with their cloud journey. Most have successfully adopted a few software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, built cloud-native digital capabilities […]

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More secrets your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

July 5, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

In the previous post I talked about cost reduction plays that can lower your cloud computing bill, as well as make better use of existing database licenses. Each tip will save you money and put less in your cloud provider’s […]

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What your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

July 2, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Cloud architecture is practiced differently, depending on who you work for or with. Given that the cloud architect gig encompasses planning, design, technology selection, technology integration, and deployment planning, the overall cloud architecture itself is often somehow overlooked. The lack […]

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Multicloud: Everything you need to know about the biggest trend in cloud computing

July 1, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Cloud computing adoption is well established in enterprises, SMEs and startups. But how much cloud should a business adopt? How should workloads be deployed — across public, private and hybrid clouds? And if multiple cloud providers (public and/or private) are […]

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Cloud architects need to deal with cloudops

June 28, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

I’m a cloud computing architect. I get to draw impressive diagrams, meet with cloud providers, pick security approaches and technology, deal with governance, and then turn the whole thing over to other people to actually do the work. Nice work […]

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Juniper’s Mist adds WiFi 6, AI-based cloud services to enterprise edge

June 26, 2019

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Mist, now a Juniper Networks company, has rolled out an artificial-intelligence, cloud-based appliance and a WiFi 6 access point that together aim at helping users deploy smart, high-density wireless networks. Leading the rollout is the Mist Edge appliance that extends […]

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The human side of cloud migration

June 21, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

The organization must change around the use of cloud computing. This is a fact that most won’t dispute. How it changes, and what changes, is where the conflict begins. Keep in mind that we’re not simply replacing on-premises servers with […]