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Cloud Computing Issues

A recipe for avoiding disaster in the cloud

March 19, 2019

Via: TechRadar

A business doesn’t get to choose when disaster strikes. Whether it’s as mundane as a server outage or as serious as a fire, disasters always take us by surprise and leave us to deal with the consequences. However, that doesn’t […]

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Security Considerations for Whatever Cloud Service Model You Adopt

March 11, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

Companies recognize the strategic importance of adopting a cloud service model to transform their operations, but there still needs to be a focus on mitigating potential information risks with appropriate cloud security considerations, controls and requirements without compromising functionality, ease […]

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How to Accelerate Your Cloud IAM Adoption

March 5, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

Cloud identity and access management (IAM) is quickly becoming a cost-effective and flexible model for modern IAM programs. According to the “2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management,” by 2022, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), also known as cloud IAM, will be the […]

Cloud Computing Issues

2 reasons to avoid industry-specific cloud technology

March 1, 2019

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

In my years as a cloud computing consultant, I am always taken back by my client’s request to have techs with vertical-specific knowledge help with their cloud projects. Moreover, they seek vertical-specific clouds and cloud services, or clouds that are […]

Cloud Computing Issues

Lessons from the Encryption Front Line: Core Components in the Cloud

February 19, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

Now that we understand the common threats facing organizations and how to select the right solution for data-at-rest encryption (DaRE), what’s the next step in your data encryption journey? Encrypting data is the relatively easy part of the solution, but […]

Cloud Computing Issues

Beware the temptation of cloud pick & mix!

February 6, 2019

Via: CompareTheCloud

Faced with a tempting array of services from cloud providers, it is simply too easy to binge and add them all to a design proposal just because they are available. It’s like filling one of those cinema pick and mix […]

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How Private Cloud Fits into Cloud Ecosystems

December 20, 2018

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Anyone working in the cloud today knows that it is about more than just selection a cloud or managed services provider and working with them to transform their IT to a cloud model. A complete cloud implementation involves a number […]

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Cloud Security With a Chance of Data Breaches

December 19, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

With the current data explosion and rise of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning, organizations must make sense of the vast amounts of data they collect to better themselves and gain an edge over the competition. Processing and […]

Cloud Computing Issues

End the cloud lottery and reduce your risk

November 20, 2018

Via: CompareTheCloud

The act of securing units of IT on the cloud is a great example of the tyranny of choice. We all like to think we get the best solution for our organisation, one that will reduce our business risk, be […]

Cloud Computing Issues

How Can Companies Move the Needle on Enterprise Cloud Security Risks and Compliance?

November 9, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

More than ever, customers understand their right to data privacy. As major brands continue to lose sensitive data to cybercriminals in high-profile cloud security failures, customer trust in companies across industries is fading. Only 25 percent of consumers believe most […]