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Open Source Mindset Bolsters Hybrid Cloud Strategies

November 12, 2020

Via: CIO

There is a cloud strategy for every organization, and typically it involves a hybrid infrastructure comprising multiple clouds.

Only 9% of enterprises rely on 100% on-premises IT environment, and only 9% rely on an all-cloud environment, according to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Study. The remainder have a mix of on-premise and cloud.

“A hybrid cloud strategy is appealing to many firms because hybrid cloud allows [them] to decide, based on their business specific parameters, what works best on-premise and what works best in the cloud,” says Jo Peterson (@digitalcloudgal), vice president of cloud services with Clarify 360. “Digital transformation has accelerated during the global pandemic. This need for speed and agility in business has sparked an uptick in the use of microservices to keep pace with the change.”

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