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Deployment Models, Public Cloud

New York Public Library reads up on the cloud

December 12, 2016

Via: Computerworld

Four years ago, the New York Public Library began to move its web properties to the cloud. Today, the library system has all of its approximately 80 web sites in the cloud. The library has shrunk the number of on-premise […]

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Choosing the right type of Blockchain: Public, Consortium or Private

June 8, 2016

Via: CompareTheCloud

Let’s begin with the Public kind. As currently envisioned, these are Blockchains that virtually anybody can access and read. Further, virtually anybody could send transactions and expect to see them get included in the chain (at least if they are […]

Global Cloud

IBM makes quantum computing available in the cloud

May 4, 2016

Via: Computerworld

IBM Research is making its quantum processor available to the public via IBM’s cloud to any desktop or mobile device. “This moment represents the birth of quantum cloud computing,” Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director of IBM Research, said […]