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How to Best Protect Multi-cloud and Hybrid Environments

January 19, 2022

Via: CSO Online

After a recent prolonged AWS outage (which was followed by “aftershocks” on subsequent days), a CNBC story encapsulated one of the significant conversations stirred by the event: Can big businesses rely on a single vendor, or do they need to […]

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Amazon fixes security flaw in AWS Glue service

January 14, 2022

Via: ZDnet

Amazon Web Services has fixed two flaws affecting AWS Glue and AWS CloudFormation. The bug in AWS Glue could allow an attacker using the service to create resources and access data of other AWS Glue customers, according to Orca Security. […]

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Will Edge Computing Kill the Cloud?

December 9, 2021

Via: InformationWeek

Feeling edgy? So are some cloud providers, as they watch edge data centers cut into their market. Edge data centers offer many advantages, including reduced latency, increased bandwidth, and enhanced privacy, security, and resiliency. But does this mean that cloud […]

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Security is the Achilles’ heel of multicloud

November 19, 2021

Via: InfoWorld

Valtix recently released research that multicloud will be a strategic priority in 2022, according to the vast majority of more than 200 IT leaders in the United States who participated in the study. Security is top of mind, with only […]

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The 3 biggest challenges of SASE in hybrid cloud environments

November 11, 2021

Via: CSO Online

Despite all the promises of secure access service edge (SASE), some challenges lie ahead for organizations looking to adopt and implement SASE technologies and practices in a hybrid cloud environment. These include driving the required organizational change to make this […]

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3 things to add to your 2022 cloud to-do list

October 19, 2021

Via: InfoWorld Cloud Computing

Cloud budgets have expanded in the last two years. Although most see the pandemic as the cause, the reality is that IT dollars have shifted to the cloud for pragmatic reasons as well, such as shutting down aging data centers […]

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Remove your barriers to Cloud: Attack the legacy mainframe monolith

September 22, 2021

Via: CIO

World leading enterprise organizations across every industry are driving towards a broader digital transformation agenda that is sponsored by their top leadership. Over the last decade, Cloud computing has been the driving technology that has delivered business value and competitive […]

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Hybrid work here to stay: What does that mean for security?

August 30, 2021

Via: ZDnet

When organizations moved abruptly to remote work at the start of the pandemic, they had to quickly shift their network and security capabilities. That meant some shortcuts were taken and some priorities were left on the table. Not surprisingly, that […]

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Linux cloud environments face an onslaught of malware attacks

August 24, 2021

Via: TechRadar

Linux systems are being bombarded by an increasing number of cyberthreats, a new report has uncovered. The findings from Trend Micro looking into the state of Linux security in the first half of 2021, examined 13 million security incidents, revealing […]

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Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): Exam, cost, and requirements

August 19, 2021

Via: CSO Online

CCSP is a cloud-focused security certification for experienced security pros offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2. CCSP stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional, and it’s one of a suite of certs offered by (ISC)2, a […]