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No backing away from the Cloud

August 9, 2023

Via: Cloud Tweaks

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about “cloud repatriation.” The idea isn’t new; Dropbox abandoned AWS in 2015, 37Signals announced they were backing out last October, and there has been a flurry of articles about repatriation in the trade […]

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Dropbox has revamped its cloud backup service

April 5, 2022

Via: TechRadar

Losing your important files when your devices break or get stolen can be devastating which is why Dropbox(opens in new tab) has released a new version of its cloud backup(opens in new tab) service. Building on its existing backup functionality, […]

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macOS 12.3 will break cloud-storage features used by Dropbox and OneDrive

January 27, 2022

Via: ArsTechnica

If you’re using either Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive to sync files on a Mac, you’ll want to pay attention to the release notes for today’s macOS 12.3 beta: the update is deprecating a kernel extension used by both apps to […]

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10 top file-sharing services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more

September 24, 2021

Via: Computerworld

Back in the pre-cloud days, sharing files involved using file transfer protocol applications or else copying files to a disc and then mailing it or walking it over to a colleague (affectionately known as ‘sneakernet’). Emails could also be sent […]

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As cloud costs climb, is repatriation the answer?

July 12, 2021

Via: CIO Dive

Dropbox saved nearly $75 million by repatriating workloads from the public cloud and building its own tech infrastructure, the company detailed in its S-1. That such a large company would move largely off public cloud, where startups often begin and […]

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Best cloud storage services: From Google Drive to Dropbox, the top options for business

October 9, 2020

Via: ZDnet

These days, when so many of us are working from home, having reliable cloud storage is more important than ever. It all started in 2007, when Drew Houston, Dropbox’s CEO, got sick and tired of losing his USB drive. So, […]

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New Report Reveals Just How Bad the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

April 25, 2018

Via: Cloud Tweaks

It’s not difficult to find worrying predictions from experts who say the cybersecurity sector desperately needs to figure out how to address its skills shortage. However, a new report from McAfee titled “Navigating a Cloudy Sky” highlights that skills gap […]

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Dropbox Takes on Pesky Device Limits, Brings Cloud Files to Desktop

April 27, 2016

Via: Talkin' Cloud

While the cloud offers limitless storage, most devices from which employees access their cloud data, such as laptops or tablets, offer limited storage capacity. Dropbox is hoping to solve this issue for its business users with the release of Project […]

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Dropbox wants to stretch desktop file storage to infinity

April 26, 2016

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Dropbox has a futuristic vision for how its users will be able to share massive files and have quick access to them on their computers, without their hard drives overflowing. The cloud storage company announced a new initiative at its […]

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Why Dropbox dropped Amazon’s cloud

March 18, 2016

Via: Network World Cloud Computing

Amazon just got dumped by DropBox. At first it seemed the relationship would last forever. A rapidly growing cloud storage startup relies on Amazon Web Services’ cloud for most of its infrastructure needs, allowing Dropbox’s engineers to focus on its […]

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Dropbox quits Amazon cloud, takes back 500 PB of data

March 16, 2016

Via: Computerworld

Dropbox moves 90% of its data off Amazon AWS, in favor of its own private cloud. Dropbox built its own, custom storage servers, to store half an exabyte or more, mirrored across three regions. Sometimes, you get so big that […]