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Salesforce plans generative AI boost for ESG reporting with Net Zero Cloud

September 13, 2023

Via: CIO

Generative AI will soon be everywhere — including in Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting tool. Salesforce will add new features to Net Zero Cloud to automate some aspects of preparing ESG reports — something investors […]

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IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator: Enabling Environmental Goals

July 26, 2023

Via: eWeek

With much of the U.S. and many other parts of the world suffering record temperatures and other extreme weather events, it’s worth considering efforts that companies are making to reduce carbon and other emissions as part of their Environmental, Sustainability […]

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Salesforce automates ESG reporting in sustainable cloud product

June 29, 2023

Via: CIO Dive

Executives are watching closely as regulators’ purview over ESG matters expands — and the CIO is a key part of the response plan. Accurately measuring and disclosing relevant data such as greenhouse gas emissions remains a challenge for organizations due […]

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Managing cloud systems is getting harder for businesses everywhere

April 20, 2023

Via: TechRadar

New research from NetApp has claimed nearly all IT leaders (98%) have been affected by increasing cloud complexity, causing negative impacts extending across the entire business. Furthermore, the cloud is widely seen as critical in businesses ESG outcomes, leaving it […]

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3 common myths about sustainability and cloud computing

April 4, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

Sustainability is a genuine objective for many enterprises, driven by their desire to be good stewards of the planet. Other companies want to hit a specific ranking to attract more customers and investments. Regardless of the reasons, enterprises now look […]

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Improving ESG performance in financial services on Microsoft Cloud

March 24, 2023

Via: CIO

Anxious to meet international standards, satisfy investors, and profit from a growing array of sustainable products, financial services firms are intensifying their focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. While the incentives for ESG are compelling, managing programs and […]

Cloud Security

How to secure secrets in multi-cloud environments

March 22, 2023

Via: CSO Online

It wasn’t too long ago that using a single cloud for some business operations was cutting-edge technology. Now the cloud is essential for accelerating growth, improving efficiency, and remaining competitive. Most organizations have multiple cloud environments deployed, in addition to […]

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The generalities and specifics of cloud sustainability

August 16, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

As in all complex issues, something may be generally true but not true for a specific situation. This seems to be happening with cloud computing as a sustainable technology for businesses looking to get the public relations and ESG (environmental, […]

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Google Cloud research highlights disconnect between intention and delivery on green IT initiatives

April 13, 2022

Via: Computer Weekly

Despite sustainability being hailed as a key area of busines focus by C-level executives, research has revealed that it is one of the lowest areas of investment for enterprises. That is according to research commissioned by Google Cloud, which featured […]

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Cloud software giant Blackbaud Acquires Everfi for $750 million

January 3, 2022

Via: ZDnet

Cloud software giant Blackbaud has acquired social impact technology company Everfi for $750 million in a cash and stock deal. Blackbaud — which provides cloud software services to nonprofits, higher education institutions, K–12 schools, healthcare organizations, faith communities, arts and […]

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Predicting Cloud Trends for 2022: Migration, Multicloud and ESG

November 24, 2021

Via: eWeek

If you look to where cloud computing is likely heading in the year ahead, three key trends emerge, trends that span both technology and social concerns. Though it’s hard to predict something as fast-moving as how companies use cloud providers, […]